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Tori Gurley - WR - South Carolina

By Joe Everett on Saturday, 23rd April 2011

tori-gurleyGurley is a big physical target with vines for arms and the consistent ball skills to win jump ball situations with ease.  He has the basketball background and big frame to be a very difficult assingment for any defender but he also has the strength to shed would be tacklers after the catch.

While some see a prospect that left college too early, he did attend prep school and redshirted his true freshman year so he will be a 23 year old rookie which is actually older than the average first year player.  He is a high character type that will be a great addition in the locker room and coaches praise his work ethic. A very durable player that hasn’t missed any time due to injury despite his willingness to mix things up.

He is an adequate route runner but will do well with a pro coach in his ear every day and needs to figure out a way to maximize his natural strength and quickness to beat coverage.  Gurley doesn’t have elite speed and does run a little high, forcing a few extra steps to change direction at times.

He is an intense competitor who plays with a mean streak and has been known to deliver knock out blows on crack back blocks. He uses his size well and displays the toughness to go over the middle and hang on to the football after a jarring hit.

Gurley is a super-sized receiver that has a ton of upside due to his ball skills, prototype size and ability to break tackles in the secondary.  He’ll find a home on somebody’s roster and might end up being a team’s leading receiver in a year or two because he poses such a matchup nightmare.

torigurleySchool: South Carolina
Position: WR
Hometown: Rock Hill, SC
Date of Birth: 11/22/87
Height: 6041
Weight: 216
Vertical Jump: 33.5
40 T: 4.56
Projection: 4th Round



Stats Overview Receiving Rushing Fumbles
2009 31 440 14.2 44 2 0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0
2010 44 465 10.6 30 4 1 5 5.0 5 0 0 0

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  2. [...] TORI GURLEY - WR - UDFA: Gurley is a super sized receiver that has great ball skills and an excellent understanding of the game to find openings in coverage. He has the strength to break tackles after the catch and does an excellent job blocking up field which should entice teams to get him in camp and on their roster. [...]

Joe Everett

Joe is an NFL Draft + College Football Analyst for NFLDraftBible.com and is also a featured writer + IDP statistician for InsiderFootball.com. Member of the Pro Football Writers of America + the Football Writers Association of America.



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