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Shrine Game - West Practice Day 2

By Joe Everett on Wednesday, 18th January 2012

1326815031459Rookie Draft is LIVE on location for the East-West Shrine Game in St. Petersburg, Florida with full access to the players, the practices and the big game.

There’s an awful lot of talent down here in Florida and day two of practices saw the players really take their games up a notch to catch the scouts eyes today.

If you have any questions or other players to ask about, go ahead and drop a comment or hit me up on the twitterverse if that’s you’re thing @RookieDraft

↑ DARIUS HANKS - WR - ALABAMA: Hanks was a late addition to the west roster but he might have been the most exciting on the practice field during day two. He gains separation at will against a variety of defenders because of his terrific feet and ability to change gears so quickly. The San Francisco 49er scouts I heard praised him as a smooth runner but complained that he did not have the deep speed needed to stretch the field and to his credit, Hanks told me that his last forty was a 4.52 after practice but also to his credit, he beat a defender deep on the very next play.

↑ TYLER SHOEMAKER - WR - BOISE STATE: Shoemaker had a solid first day outing save a few mental mistakes and a miscommunication between he and Chandler Harnish but the Boise State Bronco showed again why he’s been such a reliable target for Kellen Moore these last few seasons. He has the ball skills needed to be a consistent factor in the passing game and the football IQ it takes to let his athleticism and instincts take over on the field. He’s been one of the steady performers early on who finds a way to be the open man when it comes down to it.

↑ MATT REYNOLDS - OT - BYU: The West offensive line was winning all of the eleven on eleven drills at the end of practice and a large part in that should be thanks to the big man from BYU. Reynolds did a great job in the mirror drills with former Kansas head coach Mark Mangino holding court and coaching up all the offensive linemen. The BYU standout did a great job redirecting Kentrell Lockett after he initially lost the edge and actually won thanks to his raw power. Reynolds isn’t the best senior tackle out there but he’s certainly a quality senior with a lot of quality playing experience.

↑ BRYAN ANGER - P - CALIFORNIA: This kid has some sick hang time on his punts and yes, before you get all carried away I AM talking about a punter because it’s a punter who had a lot of buzz on the sidelines for his boot on Monday and Tuesday. While he’s shown a mighty leg in practice and what he’s been able to display in his own reps/workouts, I’m already very eager to see if he’s as good as advertised in the game.

↑ SHAUN PRATER - S - IOWA: Prater is really enjoying a nice couple of days and while he hasn’t been perfect, he was able to shine today with an interception on Chandler Harnish of Northern Illinois. What stood out about Prater today was his ability to take to the coaching and go back for more with his DBs coach to be certain that he understands the principles and techniques involved. That’s the Hawkeyes program for you though, that Kirk Ferentz really knows how to teach the game of football.

↔ MARCEL JONES - OT - NEBRASKA: Jones is a mammoth sized tackle that towers over defenders but is also capable of getting low and containing edge rushers. He still doesn’t possess a fluid kick slide and did look sluggish early on in eleven on elevens but did flash a lot of suddenness in the mirror drills. Jones is a big ugly that shut down both Boise’s Tyrone Crawford and Ole Miss DL Kentrell Lockett in the live scrimmage at the close of the day.

↔ TREVIN WADE - CB - ARIZONA: Wade showed off his understanding for the game but then he showed off his impatience when he bit on a double move by Junior Hemingway. After that early gaff Wade was able to rebound nicely with an interception on an underthrown Chandler Harnish throw and a great break on an over the middle drag route that he appeared to diagnose at the snap after breaking so quickly. He’s a player to watch as the rest of the week unfolds and it’s to be hoped that he continues his upward trend.

↓ BRAD CHILDRESS - COACH - WEST SQUAD: These practices have been terrible and almost impossible to glean anything from with the overload of special teams and insane amount of stretching/calisthenics to start the practice. While there have been good sessions individually with Mark Mangino and the offensive linemen, as well as Chilly with the quarterback/wide receiver skeleton drills, the pace of the West sessions has been at a stand still and that is about the only thing that can explain a punter’s presence on this list.

Thanks a ton for reading and please bang out some feedback or comments below. You can also e-mail me questions, comments, and even complaints to joe@rookiedraft.com

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