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Shrine Game: West Practice - Day 3

By Joe Everett on Thursday, 19th January 2012

west-practiceRookie Draft is LIVE on location for the East-West Shrine Game in St. Petersburgh, Florida with full access to the players, the practices and the big game.

The west practice on day three was slim in attendance and soggy on the field but the players still brought their “A” game. I wasn’t able to take my usual full page of practice notes and reports but I did decide to stand outside in the rain and get soaked while I watched the entire practice so this will be an abbreviated version of the usual practice report.

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↑ JARIUS WRIGHT - WR - ARKANSAS: He’s a fiery receiver that has had a solid three days because he’s one of the most explosive receiver on the West roster and he was not bothered at all by the rain. He’s definitely a player that has that quick twitch ability to snatch the football out of the air and instantly make plays upfield with his quickness and running instincts. Wright doesn’t have the stature of some of the bigger receivers on the West roster but his game definitely looms large.

↑ MARC TYLER - RB - USC: Tyler initially didn’t impress me at all in the first practice but he had me starting to think about things in the second practice and today he showed off nice hands on out routes and nice acceleration through the hole on running drills. He is a lot more athletic than last year’s USC product Alan Bradford but the bottom line remains that he might only be a complimentary back in the league.

↑ LENNON CREER - RB - LOUISIANA TECH: All the players had less than 100% footing out in the slick rain except for Creer who appeared to have so much more power than the other backs on the West roster in the wet afternoon practice. Creer has shown very impressive cuts and much more power through the hole than most give him credit for. Once again, his footing did not appear to be affected by the rain at all.

↔ DEVON WYLIE - WR - FRESNO STATE: Wylie was one of my more impressive players that I covered from the Day 1 practice for the West squad but not only has he come back down to earth, he’s shown a trademark weakness of his game in the process. Wylie almost always goes airborn for every single pass no matter if it was thrown low, behind or even right on target. He just has to jump and he definitely paid the price, resulting in drops or blown plays cause by defenders that were tipped off by the jump.

↓ JUNIOR HEMINGWAY - WR - MICHIGAN: Hemingway drew my criticism early in the week and he just hasn’t really done anything to convince me that he’s giving 100% this week. Even today, he barely jogged through his routes and while he didn’t make any erroneous drops on the day, his lackadaisical approach should be noted by scouts that don’t want bad seed in their locker room.

↓ CHANDLER HARNISH - QB - NORTHERN ILLINOIS: If I didn’t know any better, I’d say I was at last year’s Shrine Game in Orlando watching Jerod Johnson throw passes into the fence on the sidelines in practice after seeing Harnish struggle today. His ball placement is clearly becoming a big issue throughout practices and while a large contingent of draftniks favor Harnish over the rest of the QBs down here in Florida this week, there’s no clear cut winner because they’re all marginal.

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