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Sr. Bowl: North Practice - Day 3

By Joe Everett on Wednesday, 25th January 2012

1327510324606The North practice was a great way to start the day with more players jumping out and making their presence known on Wednesday thanks to a more fine tuned practice on both sides of the ball.

Rookie Draft will be LIVE on location in Mobile all week for full coverage on the players, the practices and the big game.

If you have any questions or other players to ask about, go ahead and drop a comment or hit me up on the twitterverse if that’s you’re thing @RookieDraft

↑ MARVIN JONES - WR - CALIFORNIA: Jones was easily the star of the day today with a number of impressive grabs, one in particular on the sidelines that was thrown at his feet but he scooped it up right off the ground. He also made a terrific catch with Leonard Johnson draped all over him on a curl route that he did a great job of using his body to shield the football from Johnson. He was a favorite target of Kellen Moore on the day and made a number of great adjustments on Moore’s inaccurate throws.

↑ LAVONTE DAVID - LB - NEBRASKA: David has had an up and down week with some issues int he linebackers drills and LB coach Mike Singletary chewing David out for not getting low enough when picking his feet up through the trash. Once the skeleton drills ,seven on seven and scrimmages began, David really started to show why he can be a very successful mike linebacker thanks to his ability to close on the football quickly. David was all over an Isiah Pead run off left tackle and if there were tackling in today’s practice, he would have lit Pead up. The most impressive aspect of Lavonte David’s game is his understanding in coverage and ability to play in space. David also outpositioned Pead on an outlet deep route by using his body to run Pead out of bounds, as both he and Pead tried to locate the ball.

↑ GERELL ROBINSON - WR - ARIZONA STATE: Robinson is really doing a great job of winning his matchups and displaying consistent hands out there against the rest of the North defensive backs. He has a nice long frame but he fills it out so nicely at 223 pounds and even with all that size, he doesn’t appear to have any issues with getting a clean release. He made a one handed grab on the sidelines but also showed the ability to convert contested passes, like the catch he made above his head on a Russell Wilson. Robinson is quietly putting together a very good week with his ability to make plays even on contested passes.

↔ RISHAW JOHNSON - OG - CALIFORNIA (PA): Our friend from the Shrine Game practices got a late invite to replace the injured Garth Gerhart but the only downside for Johnson is that he’s being required to help out at the center position where he has struggled early. Johnson has a number of background issues, namely his 19 failed drug tests at Ole Miss but this is a great opportunity for Johnson to show that he can be versatile and master another interior position. He had difficulty early in the day with some botched long snaps and a couple of wiffs on Alameda Ta’Amu but he stayed late to work on his long snapping and QB/Center exchange with all three south quarterbacks to keep improving his craft. I definitely do NOT approve of forcing Johnson to play center but it will be interesting to see if he finds a way to improve his performance by game time.

↔ RUSSELL WILSON - QB - WISCONSIN: Wilson is too short, too small and he’s had some issues on deep passes but at least he’s able to hit his receivers. He belted Linthicum on a drag route over the middle that made an audible “pop” at Ladd Peebles and also was able to find his receivers in the red zone but he’s still having consistency issues. There certainly isn’t a lot to like about Wilson as a pro prospect but he might be able to survive at the next level because of his high intelligence, great athleticism and terrific intangibles.

↓ KELLEN MOORE - QB - BOISE STATE: Speaking of quarterbacks that might have to go to Canada or indoors full-time to play, Moore has struggled mightily and as much as I did NOT want to write about him for the second consecutive day I just don’t have a choice. Scouts and draftniks alike have been rippping him all week and for good reason. This guy hasn’t been able to stay consistent and his bread and butter, accuracy and timing passes, have been some of his biggest issues. Moore’s lack of height certainly hasn’t helped but I’m not so sure that height is the issue as much as NOT being in the comforts of his own system at Boise.

↓ DONNIE FLETCHER - CB - BOSTON COLLEGE: Fletcher is having a tough week thus far, especially against the bigger receivers on the North squad. Fletcher has had a lot of battles against Devier Posey that he lost the majority of with the exception of one out route that Fletcher was able to get on top of and disrupt but Posey made it look easy on a simple slant that Fletcher was nowhere to be found. There’s a little hitch in Fletcher’s step that makes me wonder if he’s not playing at full strength but regardless, he’s got to get it done better than this if he want to prevent from damaging his stock too much.

↓ VINNY CURRY - DE - MARSHALL: I haven’t been impressed at all by Vinny Curry during the North practices that I’ve had the chance to see. He hasn’t been able to hold the point against the run and was man handled by Mitchell Schwartz on two runs. I’m not convinced that Curry is disciplined enough with some of the mistakes he’s making, most notably the fake run that he bit on that left him completely out of position for a naked bootleg that he should have blown up. All I can say is that Kellen Moore is a very lucky man that Curry didn’t hold contain on his end.

DRAFT NOTES: There are two receivers that have been reeling in big catches all week and that’s the two Marvins, both Iowa’s Marvin McNutt and California’s Marvin Jones have been impressing early this week. While I can’t say that Marvin McNutt has gained separation consistently, he simply converts almost everything thrown his way and Marvin Jones has turned into one of the favorite targets of the North squad quarterbacks with his long frame and ability to win his matchups.

Wisconsin guard Kevin Zeitler is a manchild at guard but he has also struggled a bit at center and even though Zeitler will making his living playing guard in the NFL, he could certainly elevate his stock if he could prove to be an adequate pivot man in a pinch. Regardless though, Zeitler has been a lot of fun to watch for the fans of the big uglys here in Mobile.

Thanks a ton for reading and please bang out some feedback or comments below. You can also e-mail me questions, comments, and even complaints to joe@rookiedraft.com

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