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Sr. Bowl: South Practice - Day 3

By Joe Everett on Thursday, 26th January 2012

jeff-fullerThe South team looked sharp on the whole for day three with a few different drills and a lot of improved play across the board.

Rookie Draft will be LIVE on location in Mobile all week for full coverage on the players, the practices and the big game.

If you have any questions or other players to ask about, go ahead and drop a comment or hit me up on the twitterverse if that’s you’re thing @RookieDraft

↑ BRANDON BOYKIN - CB - GEORGIA: Boykin has had a nice week and it’s not that I haven’t been impressed with him, I just expected him to be one of the more polished corners since he was going back and forth last year about declaring early as a junior. Boykin probably had his best day today, gluing onto Dwight Jones to break up a deep flag route and he also disrupted another redzone attempt. He is living up to being one of the best seniors at his position without a doubt and his big day today certainly helps solidify that belief.

↑ PATRICK EDWARDS - WR - HOUSTON: Edwards has been a prospect that has been a regular on the South report but for good reason, he sticks out as a burner perfect for a slot role in the NFL. Edwards may not be faster than TJ Graham or Joe Adams but he is on par with his ability to beat defensive backs deep and make moves in the open field. He beat Casey Hayward on a number of routes today, one double move that juked inside but finished on the sidelines and a classic go route that Edwards kicked it into warp drive to make a play on the long ball with Casey close behind.

↑ RYAN STEED - CB - FURMAN: Steed hasn’t had a terrific week but he’s just so persistent with the way he covers and pursues the ball carriers. Twice today he simply would not let the play die, once wrestling Jeff Fuller on the ground after a contested catch on the right hashes and another play where he played perfect position by running his receiver out of bounds while looking the ball in but he continued to try to strip the football while out of bounds. While Steed wasn’t perfect, he’s showing off a high football IQ with the way he understands the boundaries and anticipates the ball.

↑ ZACH BROWN - LB - NORTH CAROLINA: Brown is similar to Boykin, since he’s one of the more highly touted prospects but it’s for good reason thanks to his phenomenal athletic ability and straight line speed. Brown is a 4.4 guy that will test through the rough at the combine so there’s a strong possibility that he’ll go in the Top-50 but he’s doing a good job of backing up the hype here in Mobile. Brown anticipated an off tackle run to the left easily and appeared to know the snap count as quick as he was in the backfield. He also crushed Vick Ballard in the LBs vs RBs pass pro drills today.

↔ JEFF FULLER - WR - TEXAS A&M: Fuller is a long rangy player that has made some nice plays all throughout the week but it seems as if he’s always got a defensive back draped all over his back, displaying a consistent problem of getting open. Fuller has height advantage over every single corner here but he hasn’t been able to string together more than one good practice. He couldn’t separate from Janoris Jenkins in individual drills and he also arm barred Ryan Steed on a go route but still couldn’t haul in the pass. Fuller will have better days but he’ll want to forget about today and try to capitalize on the next practice.

↔ JANORIS JENKINS - CB - NORTH ALABAMA: I’ve been awfully hard on Jenkins all week but it’s because of the type of play he can be. He once again flashed his physical style today but also took it too far with an early hit in the redzone drills that I felt would have been called P.I. for certain in a game situation. Outside of that though, he was able to chase down Dwight Jones on a deep rout the he broke up and did a nice job breaking early on another slant route by Jones. All in all, he’s starting to play up to his potential and that probably has a lot to do with getting geared back in to this level of competition.

↓ TERRENCE GANAWAY - RB - BAYLOR: Ganaway has really had a questionable week and today’s RBs vs LBs pass protection drills did NOT help his case. He was absolutely flattened by Emmanuel Acho, he wiffed on Sean Spence off of the edge and got decleated by Keenen Robinson. Ganaway’s saving grace might be that he remembered how to catch the football today so that’s definitely a plus in his direction but you can’t get on the field if you can’t pass block and he didn’t win a single matchup in all of the pass pro drills today.

↓ RYAN LINDLEY - QB - SAN DIEGO STATE: I don’t know if it could get any worse for Ryan Lindley but he continues to put footballs in all manor of random settings with the lone exception being in the vicinity of his receivers. He had a number of overthrows, one attempted for Chris Rainey and another that sailed right into the fences in the redzone drills. What probably compounds his lackluster play was the conversation that I had with a Bengals scout that said they thought he shouldn’t even be at the Senior Bowl which was a bit of a shock but now after watching him for three practices, I can see why there will be teams that want nothing to do with the Aztecs QB.

DRAFT NOTES: Florida Atlantic RB Alfred Morris practiced today and looked like the same back that I saw at the Shrine Game last week. Of all the South runningbacks, Morris was the most effective redirecting blitzers and holding his ground.

Thanks a ton for reading and please bang out some feedback or comments below. You can also e-mail me questions, comments, and even complaints to joe@rookiedraft.com

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No se sabe, por ejemplo, si la secuencia de eventos observados en los animales experimentales es exactamente el mismo ahuecamiento de la cabeza del nervio mejor que la viagra viagra en los jovenes óptico en el glaucoma La aparición de la cabeza del nervio óptico levitra cialis viagra en el ojo normal y en el glaucoma, que muestra el ahuecamiento o excavación típica de el glaucoma. al igual que en los seres humanos, ni donde comprar propecia cialis 5 mgrs por qué los bajos niveles de presión intraocular afectan propecia efectivo el flujo de sangre en algunas personas pero no en otras, ni por qué los animales de laboratorio no son Una teoría alternativa es que el aumento de la presión intraocular puede dañar el nervio óptico por compresión mecánica de los axones en la lámina cribosa región. Ahora se sabe que el transporte axonal, que es una función fisiológica vital de los nervios, se bloquea en la cabeza del nervio óptico cuando se aumenta experimentalmente la presión intraocular. Dado que el transporte axonal es un proceso metabólico activo, su bloqueo podría ser el resultado lógico de deterioro del flujo sanguíneo. *!* Wenn diese Maßnahmen nicht die Beibehaltung überwinden Es kamagra falschung ist zu berücksichtigen, dass es bestimmte viagra 25mg filmtabletten Fälle, in denen, obwohl die Pylorusstenose rein krampfartig, doch die Pylorospasmus wiederkehrt, so leicht viagra rezeptfrei ohne kreditkarte wie eine mehr viagra rezeptfrei tschechien viagra 50 oder 100 mg oder weniger kontinuierliche Hindernis darstellen. Ich glaube, dass in solchen Fällen von persistenten Pylorospasmus die viagra rezeptfrei cialis viagra 100 mg wirkungsdauer viagra 100mg pfizer packungsbeilage Behandlung chirurgischer ist, auch wenn bei der Operation, unter nebenwirkungen cialis erfahrungen der Wirkung der kaufen online viagra Narkose wird der Pylorus entspannt und zeigt n schöner, die zu nonobstructive und nicht chirurgischen Anforderungen eine rein Nedical Behandlung scheint. 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Wir würden uns mehr Fortschritte bei der Behandlung von Geschwüren, ob wir die Ernährung von Lenhartz und von Leube vergessen zu machen. Sie haben einen guten Zweck erfüllt, kann aber noch verbessert werden.