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Shrine Game: East Practice - Day 2

By Joe Everett on Tuesday, 15th January 2013

shrine-game-day-1-0321East practice was highlighted today by a ton of special teams work, 7 on 7 drills and a little bit of scrimmage as well.

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WR COREY FULLER, VIRGINIA TECH - The Virginia Tech wide receiver has had two strong days of practice and caught a number of passes during the session. He quickly secures the football and does an excellent job locating the football with the instant chemistry he has shown with the East quarterbacks. He put in a lot of work during the off-season before his senior year and it has clearly paid off with how well he caught the ball for Tech in 2012. Fuller will be drafted in the mid-rounds but he’s clearly a player that will readily contribute in the league.

QB NATHAN STANLEY, SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANA - Stanley may be from a small school but he has a big arm and nice release. He has had good and bad moments thus far adapting to the offense but he has rebounded with a number of highly accurate throws. He telegraphed a pass into double coverage and missed on another out route but battled back to throw a bullet pass that he threaded between two defenders. Stanley is showing off nice torque on his passes and is also a very underrated scrambler when forced out of the pocket.

DT IZAAN CROSS, GEORGIA TECH - Cross has been a load to handle up the middle and twice today he blew up two runs, one that he kept pursuit to the edge and the other he completely dismantled. One run up the middle, he beat his man and flattened the runner. The 300+ pounder is going to be a force as a penetrating under tackle that is scheme versatile and disciplined. Cross has a solid base and does well maintaining the point of attack but his best asset is getting pressure on the passer and shooting gaps.


WR RODNEY SMITH, FLORIDA STATE - Smith is another player who had an up and down practice but most of it was down. He was able to haul in a nice out to the sidelines in bounds but also dropped another pass that he should have come down with after out-jumping Josh Johnson on a lob pass. Smith had an almost fabulous play on a back shoulder fade route that he was able to turn and locate but just couldn’t maintain control throughout to complete the one-handed catch. He’s a player to watch because things could begin changing for him if he can complete some of these plays.

RB MONTEL HARRIS, TEMPLE - The former Boston College RB hasn’t shown much but in all fairness, there isn’t much to glean from the runningbacks without live bullets flying in the air. He doesn’t look as sudden as the other backs during drills but he doesn’t have adequate ball skills in the pass catching work he did in drills. Twice, he’s gone air borne for passes that he didn’t need to but he did come away with the catch each time. Harris is just a solid back that will be taken in the late rounds but should be able to stick on a roster.


WR EMORY BLAKE, AUBURN - Blake is having a sub par week after a number of drops and lack of chemistry with the East quarterbacks. Blake dropped a slant pass that hit him in the chest and bounced to the ground. He had a number of passes that he double caught yesterday and that certainly came back to bite him today with two huge drops on passes that should have been hauled in. He did have a very strong catch that was contested down the sidelines but that was definitely the highlight of his Tuesday.

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