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Shrine Game: West Practice - Day 3

By Joe Everett on Wednesday, 16th January 2013

shrine-game-day-3-west-038Sunny Florida is better than ever and that’s thanks to another quality practice from the West team. The lack of a full 30 minute stretching session was also an added bonus but there certainly was no lack for big plays.

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WR ANTHONY AMOS, MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE - Amos has put on a show and today was the culmination of a great group of three days. He has put himself firmly on the map with the way he has played and is drawing a crowd of admirers after practices, both NFL personnel and media. Speaking with Anthony, he strikes me as a very humble, hard working type that will do whatever it takes to make a play. The former walk-on is an extremely driven person and couple with that drive and determination, he has a truck load of talent as well.

CB SHELDON PRICE, UCLA - Price drew praise from coaches multiple times today and while the general observer might not see it, he was able to read and react to the quarterback instantly today and found right lanes in run support. Price was adhesive out in coverage and twice batted down passes, once from behind recovering on a curl route and another over the middle that was able to anticipate. Three incomplete passes today were a direct result of his presence and awareness.

AJ KLEIN, IOWA STATE - Klein is an outstanding athlete with the measurables, speed and intelligence it takes to play middle linebacker in the league for a long time. Klein is hyper aware out in pass coverage, as evidence of his two break ups today. He was able to read Alex Carder’s eyes and tip one of his passes and twice he filled the running lane immediately. Klein is the type of player that continuously refines his craft and brings his A game at all times. Regardless of where he’s selected, “AK 47″ will be a starter in the league in the very near future.

TE ZACH SUDFELD, NEVADA - Sudfeld is quietly having a strong week here in St. Pete. He is a wide based end that maintains his blocks well and can drive his man out of the play. Sudfeld has also displayed better than advertised ball skills, three times this week scooping the worm burners off of the ground delivered by Alex Carder. Sudfeld has affectionately been labeled “The Mudder” by Andy Miley of DynastyLeagueFootball.com and the description is extremely fitting after the kind of week that he’s had. His effort has been consistently high since the beginning of the week and that looks to continue into the game without Joseph Fauria in the game.

WR JASPER COLLINS, MOUNT UNION - Collins obviously comes from a strong line of wide receivers from Mt Union but he’s clearly his own player. He isn’t as sudden or explosive as his predecessors, Pierre Garcon and Cecil Shorts, but he has strong ball skills, great technique in his routes and just has a flare for hauling in contested passes. His concentration level is outstanding and his effort has been impressive throughout these first three days. Today and yesterday featured two double moves that left his man in the dust chasing Collins into the endzone.


QB ALEX CARDER, WESTERN MICHIGAN - Carder is a prospect that I’ve been eager to see in action but he has done nothing but put out lackluster passes and errant throws all week thus far. Today’s effort was the worst of his three days with the previously mentioned “worm burners” and a number of questionable decisions. While he does come from a pro style offense and should not have issues out from under center, his footwork is a major issue and he does not look poised in his drops at all. It’s been a rough week for all the quarterbacks but Carder might possibly be the second worst passer in St. Pete behind Colin Klein.

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Joe Everett

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