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Senior Bowl: North Practice - Day 2

By Joe Everett on Tuesday, 22nd January 2013

sr-bowl-wreh-wilsonToday was my first viewing of the North team at Ladd Peebles Stadium and I came away impressed with a few players that clearly stood out during the scrimmages and one on one drills.

If you have any questions or other players to ask about, go ahead and drop a comment or hit me up on the twitterverse if that’s you’re thing @RookieDraft


DE ALEX OKAFOR, TEXAS - Okafor was mandhandling people today with his bull rush and ability to manipulate blockers. The only tackle that didn’t have issues matched up against Okafor was Eric Fisher but outside of that Okafor won his battles against Ricky Wagner all day long. The Texas Longhorn is coming off of a fabulous performance in his last game and he clearly looks poised to have another terrific game in the Senior Bowl if these practices are any indication.

OT ERIC FISHER, CENTRAL MICHIGAN - Fisher was a monster today and was near impossible to get by he had an impressive day of practice stifling pass rushers and getting up and out to the second level on top of linebackers/safeties. He not only has great size and natural athletic ability but he also shows off the understanding of angles and intelligence that it takes to manipulate the opposition. Fisher will soon be talked about in the Top-10 picks after this week and it is very deserving.

WR AARON DOBSON, MARSHALL - Marshall’s top receiver enjoyed a solid day of practice but what was most impressive is that he tweaked his knee early in the day on a deep nine route and had to sit out, then returned to perform extremely well throughout the rest of the session. He has very natural ball skills and runs extremely smooth for a big 6′2″ 200+ pound receiver.

WR ALEC LEMON, SYRACUSE - Lemon is a late invite that has been able to show that he clearly belongs in Mobile and in the NFL as well. Lemon has quicks in and out of his breaks but also has the speed needed to get open deep as well as on intermediate routes. Lemon had instant chemistry with the other quarterbacks, even outside of Nassib, but the two did hook up on an in and out route that Nassib weaved it into some coverage.

OT DAVID QUESSENBERRY, SAN JOSE STATE - Quessenberry had a very strong outing today with a number of wins in one on one drills and during the live scrimmage portion. He has a strong anchor and handled himself very well against some of the more physical rushers and he flat out dominated Margus Hunt in every rep. Quessenberry is able to control speed rushers and drive them right outside of the play because of his natural strength and tremendous footwork.


QB ZAC DYSERT, MIAMI (OH) - Dysert throws extremely well on the run and it’s an obvious strength because of the offense he comes from. His delivery and wind up appears to be a little deliberate but his placement is a strength and his scrambling outside of the pocket will give him extra value going into the draft process. Dysert does not have the makings of a long time starter but he does appear to be a quarterbacks.


WR/QB DENARD ROBINSON, MICHIGAN - Shoelace had a rough day but it doesn’t mean he wasn’t able to improve on some things and benefit from the day of practice. He simply has difficulty reeling in passes because he’s thinking too much, not onloy about his footwork but his location and highpoint as well. The transition from QB to WR is a lot more easily said than done and Robinson clearly has his work cut out for him going forward into the draft process. His ball skills and mastery of the wide receiver position will be one of the more debated topics of the off-season.

Thanks a ton for reading and please bang out some feedback or comments below. You can also e-mail me questions, comments, and even complaints to joe@rookiedraft.com

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Joe Everett

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