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Senior Bowl: South Practice - Day 2

By Joe Everett on Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

sr-bowl-rivieraSouth practice on day two was a much more intense session with pads and pressing, which made for a much more exciting practice. As a whole, the team had a better practice but a few more things came to light and today that were more evident than yesterday.

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LB CHASE THOMAS, STANFORD - Thomas started off the seven on seven portion hot with a savvy read in his short zone and batted down an over the middle slant pass attempt. Thomas has much better speed than he’s given credit for and brings a great physical presence to the table. He has the reaction time needed to break on the football and he has the instincts necessary to read the quarterback’s eyes, disrupting the play call before it has the chance to develop.

WR TERRANCE WILLIAMS, BAYLOR - The big man from Baylor had another good practice but today he was able to show his ability to break press coverage and find holes in the zone. Twice Williams was able to make outstanding adjustments on the football, most noticeably on an underthrow by Landry Jones that he scooped off of the field and converted. He is likely going to be the first wide receiver selected from this Senior Bowl group and his two strong outings will certainly help maintain his high draft stock.

OT JORDAN MILLS, LOUISIANA TECH - Mills was a late invite that arrived in town just last night but he quickly made his presence known in drills and in the scrimmages. In one on ones, he flattened Malliciah Goodman in the arc drill and also was able to display his solid anchor as well as his speed in his kick-step. Mills is a player that should have been here in Mobile in the first place and he’s also a player that will prove he belongs in at the next level once he’s given his opportunity.

WR COBI HAMILTON, ARKANSAS - The Razorback receiver had a much better day today with some adjustments that allowed him to convert pass attempts and reel in some impressive catches. Hamilton is a prototype outside receiver that will fit in any NFL offense and that’s because of his excellent ball skills, vertical ability and savvy making the best of his matchups.


WR TARVARRES KING, GEORGIA - There’s not a lot to pick apart about his two practices because he’s done a quality job of securing the football, gaining separation and highpointing passes but there’s nothing that really jumps off of the field at you about his game. King has had a number of passes get into his body, which has resulted in a few double catches but he has converted a majority of his targets and has been getting the job done. He’s not a player that will wow you but he definitely has a place in the league.


QB LANDRY JONES, OKLAHOMA - Jones has had issues with footwork and accuracy but he definitely throws a nice ball. He has the makings of a starting quarterback but there’s definitely problems placing the football out on deep throws and some general security issues. This should be an event that Jones thrives in but he’s not been able to be consistent and he’s also had some issues adjusting to a new center with a bobbled snap today. I still like Jones as a prospect but he’s got a ways to go before he’ll be an effective starter in the league.

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