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Senior Bowl: North Practice - Day 3

By Joe Everett on Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

sr-bowl-will-davisSouth practice on day two was a much more intense session with pads and pressing, which made for a much more exciting practice. As a whole, the team had a better practice but a few more things came to light and today that were more evident than yesterday.

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WR MARCUS WHEATON, OREGON SATE - Wheaton has phenomenal quickness and terrific ball skills. He has the footwork and balance that is needed to create space between his defenders and get down the field in a hurry. He beat Cyprien on a curl route in one on ones and his battles with Desmond Trufant have easily been some of the most entertaining portions of the one on ones and seven on sevens.

CB WILL DAVIS, UTAH STATE - Davis has phenomenal recovery speed and great footwork in the drills, he has a real knack for catching up to his man and making a play on the football. He was all over receivers in the one on one drills, namely a great play he made on a Denard Robinson curl route and another play that he was able to blow up an out route on the sidelines by undercutting the receiver. He doesn’t have elite speed but he’s a very smooth runner that has deceptive speed.

WR CHRIS HARPER, KANSAS STATE - The former Oregon Duck has been a very dangerous weapon on offense and it’s because of his ability to beat press coverage and his strong ball skills. He has been attacking the football and winning in his one on ones consistently. Harper has ideal height, thickness and speed which will give him a leg up in the Draft process, as well put him in place to be a starter in the league.

S PHILLIP THOMAS, FRESNO STATE - Thomas was able to show off some great footwork and ball skills during the drills and one on ones. He moves his big frame so well and is an ideal ball hawking safety. In the tackling portions he is so quick to square up his shoulders and go through the defender. His technique and balance is ideal but it’s his size and speed that will get him drafted.

RB ROBBIE ROUSE, FRESNO STATE - It’s official, I’m dubbing this guy “Mighty Rouse”! He is a short stocky smaller back that is capable of shedding tackles and making a big impact in the passing game. He was battling hard in the back on backers pass protection drills, where he was beaten badly by Khaseem Greene at first but fought back on his second attempt and stopped him in his tracks after attacking the gap harder. He has given great effort in practice and has clearly made the best of his Senior Bowl invite.


QB MIKE GLENNON, NORTH CAROLINA STATE - Glennon has been impressive in terms of overall arm strength, accuracy and ball placement but that’s pretty much what is expected of him in a practices without live bullets. He doesn’t sense pressure well in game action but here in Mobile, he’s been able to give out tickets to the gun show and he has put himself head and shoulders above the other quarterbacks in terms of torque on his passes and deep ball ability.


QB RYAN NASSIB, SYRACUSE - Nassib is clearly a player that has a ton of buzz here in Mobile but he had a rough day today. The biggest issues were ball placement and accuracy on the far hash throws to the sidelines. Three times in a row he missed his receiver on medium range outs and had to pulled aside by the coach. It’s not a huge detractor but it could pose question marks as to what kind of offense he fits into.

News & Notes

There’s all kinds of players present at the practices and events, as both Marcus Lattimore and Knile Davis have been in attendance the last two days. Coaches are getting in on the act as well with Chip Kelly, Mike Tomlin, Mike Smith, Leslie Frazier, Nick Saban and Dabo Swinney. The mix of NFL personnel and players is half the excitement of mobile, so please check the twitter feed for more shots of the coaches and players that we’ve run into.

Thanks a ton for reading and please bang out some feedback or comments below. You can also e-mail me questions, comments, and even complaints to joe@rookiedraft.com

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